Customized Solutions That Are Specifically Designed for You

We are aware that investment success can be achieved with a focused and active stock portfolio. Thus, we develop our investment capabilities in specific areas where we have substantial experience and proven expertise. The investment management processes we employ are seamlessly integrated within a sound risk management infrastructure.

Each of our investment capabilities are distinctly ours, and we continuously develop and improve them over time. Based on our experience, great investments are borne out of well-tested and bold ideas. This is why we focus on our specific areas of expertise. The client services and investment portfolios that we offer are personalized for each client investor’s unique investing goals and needs.

The mission of Majestic Holdings Ltd. Investments as a company is to provide insightful, sufficient, and appropriate research to enable our clients to make the right financial decisions. Our company uses a fundamental investment approach from the bottom up. Our focus is on investing in companies whose stocks are usually misunderstood or under-researched or sold at discounted “private transaction value” prices.

The key is in finding company stocks that are selling at or under their normal asset value and with attractive rewards/risks profiles. As long as the upside target to downside risk ratio shows a lot of promise, we encourage and approve investing in the company.
Led by highly competent analysts, our own Equity Research team evaluates hundreds of companies belonging to major investing sectors such as Materials (including Mining and Metals), Energy, Healthcare, Consumer Cyclical, Industrials, Financial Institutions, as well as Technology, Telecoms and Internet.

Majestic State Holdings Ltd. covers at least half of the companies belonging to the S&P 500 in terms of market cap. Our entire coverage is balanced evenly among small, mid, and large-cap companies. This makes the product of our Equity Research team important for our institutional, corporate, as well as retail clients.

Overall, our investment objective is founded on our philosophy, and that is to create and offer a stock portfolio that is characterized by extraordinary risks to reward profiles that are specifically designed to limit the risk ratio of risk to invested capital. We believe that this strategy will result to bigger chances of gaining significant returns.