Majestic State Holdings Ltd. Investments Careers

Build a Meaningful Career

If you work for Majestic State Holdings, you will understand that the work you do will have a deep and direct impact on our clients and the people we represent. As part of the company, you will have the chance to work with various clients and a widely diverse line of products and services. These include retirement plans, pensions, endowments, and foundations.

Our job is to make sure that our services are directed towards achieving our clients’ financial goals – delivered the best way possible. We are truly humbled and we consider it as a great honor to be entrusted by our clients with this big responsibility. You can expect every single member of our team to contribute to these client-focused efforts.

If you show a lot of promise, or if you are already an expert in your particular field, we will be glad to meet you, and know more about you. So, why don’t you apply right now?

Be a Part of a Collaborative Corporate Culture

We are committed to help you establish a gratifying career. By joining our team, you will be surrounded by a solid culture and smart people. You will be entitled to competitive benefits, as well as a continuous learning program. You will have a chance to make a difference while working in a dynamic and positive environment.
As mentioned, being part of our team means continuous learning, training, and development. You can expect to expand your existing skills and develop new ones. Our inclusive culture will allow you to meet progressive and smart people who can challenge you in solving problems, anticipating client needs, and enhancing the company’s proprietary platforms and systems. The company encourages participation in online learning courses and professional development workshops that include technical skills, leadership, and management training.

Our People Corporate Culture

We are constantly in search for a widely diverse group of people who have the potential to be experts in what they do in the future. These people must have a passion for work and are convinced that with passion, work excellence is sure to follow.

Shared Mission to Be of Service to Our Clients

We are totally convinced that our clients will be better served over the long term by providing a solid, communicative culture. As our global growth continues, we try to keep our unique qualities while constantly evolving to address the requirements of a highly diversified and complex clientele.

Commitment to Collaboration

We employ an entrepreneurial approach in meeting the challenges posed by our clients’ investments. We likewise embrace individualism within our teams where great ideas are created and tested. Our investment, business, and research teams are in constant search for new strategies and approaches to use. This will make sure that our clients will receive the best possible services that are currently available.

Be Recognized and Appropriately Rewarded for Your Good Work

We know that in order to attract the best talents around to join our team, highly competitive rewards and benefits are in order. The company’s compensation strategy is based on merit and performance-driven. Your compensation package will mainly depend on the role you play, and your impact on the total efforts.

  • Health and Wellness
    Aside from a competitive and comprehensive health coverage not only for you but your dependents as well, employees are also entitled to various wellness programs.
  • Financial Future
    Our goal is to make you more financially secure. We will help you achieve your retirement goals, and you will be provided with life and other insurance packages. This way, employee performance is improved because there will be less worries about the future.
  • Work/Life Balance
    Majestic State Holdings Ltd. offers a wide array of programs that are intended to provide support for our employees and their loved ones in various situations and stages in life.
  • Development
    We consider continuing education as a vital part of your growth as a professional. Thus, we encourage undergoing learning programs like the CFA, as well as other similar degree programs.